Directions, Arrival and Departure



Casa do Alemão

Grota do Tapete, 88

9700-368 Porto Judeu

Ilha Terceira, Açores


Below you see a map which shows "Casa do Alemão". You can use this map also for easy navigation.

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When you arrive at “Casa do Alemão” you will see a key safe next to the green entrance door. Open the black flap, enter the 4-digit-code which you have received by email and open the safe with the black lever. Remove the keys and then close the safe again.

Now you have access to the house. The three keys give access to following doors:

  1. the green entrance door (next to the key safe)
  2. the main entrance to the house
  3. the back entrance (the door to the terrace/parking lot).


Behind the house in front of the terrace is a parking lot. The large green gate is not closed and the hydraulic for automatic operation is not active. However, you need some force to open/close the gate.


On the day of your departure, please close the house and deposit the keys once again in the key safe.