TV & Entertainment

The living room has a TV with cable channels and a DVD player with an extensive DVD collection. There is also a small library with some books there.

There are 3 remote controls for operating these devices:

You control the TV with the remote control shown in the picture on the left (the one with the LG logo). To switch between TV and DVD, press the "Home" button (the house right in the middle of the device) of the  remote control:

  • HDMI 1: Box for cable TV
  • HDMI 2: DVD player

But the TV is also quite smart and switches automatic between the devices if you turn them on.

By the way: this TV has also a WiFi connection and you can use your Netflix account on it.

The middle small remote control with the inscription "NOS" in the picture guides you through the cable program.

Finally, you need the third remote control to operate the DVD player.